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Hank – Heidelberg Windmill

A Heidelberg press with a strong business legacy deserves a name worthy of that legacy. Hank was a name that one of our Instagram followers suggested and honestly we felt that this was a departure from the normal German names that other shops give their Windmills. The name to us conjured up the very blue-collared American who at some point had their hand on this very press giving them a strong, sturdy feel for their machine; run after reliable run. Every spin and movement is a lasting one — one that we can truly rely on.

Hank is a 10×15 Heidelberg “Windmill” Platen press. Windmill is a unique motion that makes impression after beautiful impression. He glides surely yet gently, producing not only a balanced printed piece but also unique die-cut patterns and shapes for almost anything he is given. We were delighted to adopt Hank into the Farmwood family.


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